Foodnoms is a better nutrition tracking app

Designed to be easy to use and extremely customizable, Foodnoms is the food tracker you have been looking for.

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Improve your nutrition with confidence.

Foodnoms was built to make tracking your food easy and rewarding.

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Advanced macro tracking

Set specific nutrition goals tailored to you – regardless if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or otherwise live a healthier life.

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Beautiful widgets

Track your day-to-day process right from your home screen.

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Fast & easy food logging

Foodnoms offers a multitude of ways to quickly log what you eat with ease.

It's never been a better time to start tracking your nutrition.

Foodnoms offers all the features you need to get started today.

  • Scan barcodes for free

    The Foodnoms database contains over 450K branded products with barcodes, yielding an ~85% match rate in the United States.

  • Scan nutrition labels

    If the food item you scanned doesn't exist in the Foodnoms database, simply scan its nutrition label instead (it's like magic).

  • Shareable recipes and meals

    Save multiple food items as a combined item or a reusable group. Easily share recipes, meals, and created foods with others.

  • Encrypted iCloud sync

    User data is synced securely via your personal iCloud account. Encryption is enabled for potentially sensitive fields.

  • Works with Apple Health

    Read and write nutrition data from/to other apps via Apple Health. Use active and resting energy data to dynamically adjust your calorie goal.

  • Custom notifications

    Don't forget to log a meal. If you have a fasting goal set, be notified when you are about to meet your fasting goal.

Start tracking today

Foodnoms is free to use with an optional paid subscription. No account signup required.

People 🧡 Foodnoms.

Foodnoms is trusted by thousands across the world.

Perfect, fast

Perfect, reliable, with all the features you really need and none of the garage gimmick ones. Love the privacy protecting elements of the app. Worth doing the premium subscription to support the app’s continued development. Thanks!



Great because it is easy to use and gives a good overview of the macro’s. I like how you can customize to only get what you want and go light or very deep if you want. Also, putting in goals was very helpful.

A concerned Christian parent

The best app for tracking

Love the community database, simple design and small size

Dmitry Barskov

Perfect for tracking nutrients

The app makes it easy to track what foods I eat. The interface is nice and aesthetic. I recommend it to everyone!


Better than MFP

Switched over to this from My Fitness Pal and never going back


So Good, and Keeps Getting Better

I don’t rate a lot of apps, but I gotta shout out Foodnoms. I came to Foodnoms from a large, “friendly” food tracking app. There are many things that app does well, but I didn’t want to keep sharing all my data with them, and I really disliked the lack of support for automating my tracking. The Shortcuts support in Foodnoms is great and I can now easily track my common entries. (morning coffees anyone?)


Awesome app

Easy to use, library of products is incredible and I love the ability to create recipes. Top notch!


Best food tracking app I've ever used!

Seriously, I cannot recommend this app enough. If you're looking for a food tracker, this is the one.



I’ve tried a lot of calorie counters and this is by far the best I’ve found. Scanning food is quick and convenient. Most foods I’ve tried have been there and when they’re not it’s really easy to add them so they’ll be there next time.


Unlock all features with Foodnoms+.

Foodnoms+ offers all of the features that you need to track your nutrition with confidence and reach your goals faster.


Start tracking your calories and macros for free today.

  • Calorie & macro tracking
  • Barcode scanning
  • Full database access
  • Recipes & meals
  • Apple Health export
  • CSV export
  • Basic notifications
  • Private & secure


Go beyond what's offered for free and unlock all of the features and capabilities of the app.

  • Water and drink tracking
  • Sodium, Fiber, and Saturated Fat Tracking
  • Net Carbs
  • Advanced resting energy options
  • Ask AI
  • Custom meal types
  • Food timestamps
  • Favorites
  • Top foods analysis
  • Caffeine & alcohol tracking
  • Apple Health import
  • Portion size estimation
  • Automatic intermittent fasting goal
  • Alternate app icons
  • Weekly & monthly charts
  • Low calorie & fasting notifications
  • One-day exceptions
  • Goal impact list