Introducing Ask AI, a New Feature Powered by ChatGPT

Introducing Ask AI, a New Feature Powered by ChatGPT

Since releasing Ask AI one year ago, we've received a ton of excellent feedback about the feature. Many of you love how it helps you stay more consistent with your logging, because it's so much easier to use in common situations like going out to eat and making recipes.

We've made a few big improvements in the last year, notably the upgrade to GPT-4 for more improved results.

Today, we've introduced the biggest update yet. Today's update includes several new features that not only enhance accuracy but also simplify the process.

Image Recognition

A picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of having to type out all the items and ingredients on your plate, just send a picture instead!

How to use: On the Ask AI screen, tap the "+" button in the bottom left, then select "Camera" to take a new photo or "Photo Library" to choose an existing image. You can optionally add additional details about portions or clarify ambiguous items in the image, then tap "go" or "return" when you're ready.

Accurate Mode

Historically, results from Ask AI include values estimated by the AI itself. This works out well in many cases, but we thought, wouldn't it be great to have the AI return results from the actual Foodnoms database, which is composed of hundreds of thousands of comprehensive data points, including food composition data from the USDA, restaurants, and other Foodnoms users?

How to use: Switch to Accurate Mode by tapping on the "Ask AI - Fast Mode" menu at the top of your screen and selecting "Accurate Mode". This mode conducts a search in our database for each detected item, ensuring the accuracy of portion sizes and nutritional information. If the portion size suggested by AI doesn’t match your meal, you can easily adjust it by tapping on the results.

You may ask, why introduce a new mode? Wouldn't you always want to use Accurate Mode? Fast Mode is designed for speed and convenience, providing quick estimates that are suitable for everyday meal logging when exact precision is not critical.

Recipes Integration

Adding individual ingredients to recipes can be cumbersome. Ask AI is really well suited to make this easier.

How to use: When creating or editing a recipe, tap "Add Ingredient", you'll see a new option for "Ask AI". For an even smoother process, copy ingredients from any online recipe, use the expand button to enlarge the input field, and paste directly into Ask AI. This integration simplifies the addition of multiple ingredients into your recipes efficiently.

Experience the new Ask AI by updating your FoodNoms app today. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to let us know how these updates enhance your food logging experience at