What is Foodnoms?

Foodnoms is a nutrition tracking app that aims to make tracking what you eat easier and more rewarding.

A Smart, Simple, and Streamlined Food Tracker

We realize that food tracking can sometimes be annoying and confusing. That's why we designed Foodnoms to be fast, friction-free, and "smart":

  • No intrusive ads or popups to disrupt your experience
  • No unnecessary content within the app – just focused on food tracking and your nutrition goals
  • Ultra-fast barcode scanning and search capabilities
  • Smart Suggestions feature intelligently predicts what you'll log next based on time of day and your recently-logged food
  • "Ask AI" lets you enter in any food, list of foods, and even recipes and get a result for virtually anything!
  • High-quality database with most items containing gram and ounce units

Personalizable Nutrition Goal Tracker

When it comes to nutrition, Foodnoms is not one-size-fits-all. You can personalize the app to your specific goals.

  • Counting calories? Set up a calorie goal.
  • Tracking macros? Configure goals for protein, fat, carbs and/or net carbs.
  • Need to watch your sodium intake? Set up a sodium goal.
  • Same for caffeine, alcohol, saturated fat, cholesterol, added sugars, iron, potassium, Vitamin A/B12/C, etc…

All of these goals are optional, which allows you to only track what you really care about.

Native Apps with Rich Platform Integrations

Foodnoms is available for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watch. As a native app, Foodnoms offers rich platform integrations, including:

  • Apple Health sync for reading and writing nutrition and activity data
  • Shortcuts
  • iCloud sync
  • Home Screen and Lock Screen widgets
  • Sharing via AirDrop and Messages
  • Custom app icons (available only for iPhone and iPad)

Made by an Independent Developer

Foodnoms was founded in 2019 by Ryan Ashcraft, an independent developer. Ryan has continued to iterate, improve, and maintain the app thanks to the support of Foodnoms users and Foodnoms+ subscribers.